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Selecting and Implementing a Software Solution and the process changes that go with it, is unquestionably a complex undertaking. Regardless of Organization’s size and perceived resources, an implementation requires an extremely careful planning and the right strategy. Comprehensiveness of Implementation Methodology plays a vital role in the project success and works as catalyst for achieving organization’s vision.

What does Implementation Service offer?
SYSTEMIC provides robust and comprehensive implementation methodology named as ‘SUREFIRE’ which provides a model approach that can deliver project success based on the Best Practices. Since Each Project is unique in nature in terms of breath and depth of the project, it is important that the methodology is flexible and scalable and tracks progress, health, cost and quality of deliverables. Moreover Methodology must capture re-usable knowledgebase across projects.

Answers to the following questions determine the Quality of Methodology:
  1. Can Methodology be applied across different project types?
  2. Does Methodology address every element of the project?
  3. Is Methodology understandable and easy to use?
  4. Does the use of methodology contribute to improved project results?
Our implementation Methodology addresses the following:
  • Project Planning
  • Project Execution
  • Project Tracking
  • Project Quality Assessment
What does Implementation Service Involve?
  1. Project Integration Management
    1. Develop product charter
    2. Define product assumptions, constraints and risks
    3. Project Scoping
    4. Integrated change control

  2. Project Scope Management
    1. Scope planning
    2. Scope definition
    3. Create Work Breakdown Structure
    4. Scope Verification
    5. Scope Control

  3. Project Time Management
    1. Activity definition
    2. Activity Sequencing
    3. Resource and duration estimation
    4. Schedule Development and Control

  4. Project Cost Management
    1. Cost Estimation
    2. Cost Budgeting
    3. Cost Control

  5. Project Quality Management
    1. Quality Planning
    2. Quality Assurance
    3. Quality Control

  6. Project Human Resource Management
    1. Human Resource Planning
    2. Acquire, Develop and manage project Teams

  7. Project Communication Management
    1. Communication’s planning
    2. Information distribution
    3. Performance reporting
    4. Manage stakeholders

  8. Project Risk Management
    1. Risk Management Planning
    2. Risk Identification
    3. Qualitative Risk Analysis
    4. Quantitative Risk Analysis
    5. Risk Response Planning
    6. Risk Monitoring and Control

  9. Project Procurement Management
    1. Procurement planning
    2. Contract Planning
    3. Contract Administration
    4. Contract Closure
How to request for implementation services?

To know more contact us and we will be too happy to assist.  
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