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In today's competitive, tight-margin business world, organizations have to move and respond quickly to opportunity. Many organisations have moved from organization by function to management by projects. A company that organizes itself by job activity, such as sales, accounting, information technology, and other departmental entities is a functional environment. A company that manages itself by projects may be called a projectized company.

An organization that uses projects to move the company forward is using the Management by Projects approach. These project-centric entities could manage any level of their work as a project. These organizations, however, apply general business skills to each project to determine their value, efficiency and ultimately, their return on investment. As you can imagine, some projects are more valuable, more efficient, or more profitable than others.

There are many examples of organizations that use this approach. Consider any business that completes projects for their clients, such as architectural, graphic design, consulting, or other service industries. These service-oriented businesses typically complete projects as their business.

Here are some other examples of management by projects:

  • Training employees for a new application or business initiative
  • Marketing campaigns
  • The entire sales cycle from product or service introduction, proposal, and sales close
  • Work completed for a client outside of the organization
  • Work completed internally for an organization
Our certified Project Management professionals can help you to manage multiple aspects of projects which your organization may undertake in an effective manner.

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