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Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning

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Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning With business attaining globalization, the traditional disconnected planning processes have become outdated and can prove detrimental to business. Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning Solutions are responsive to business needs that can potentially perform simultaneous material and capacity planning across multiple distribution and manufacturing facilities and time horizons in a single planning run; while at the same time accounting for the latest consensus forecast, sales order, production status, purchase orders and inventory policy recommendations.

Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning Solutions contain multiple solutions for Strategic, Tactical and Operational planning needs. Each of these solutions relate to variable time window in future for which planning is performed.

Following are the Advanced Planning Solutions:
  • Oracle Strategic Network Optimization
    • Helps in estimating impact on cost arising out of changed sourcing strategy
    • Can assess the impact of Mergers & Acquisitions on supply network and capital assets
    • Can assess the real total cost of outsourcing, including the impact on Working Capital in Cash flow
    • Can help you formulate the response mechanism to the disruptions in supply due to unforeseen events
    • Help estimate the most profitable channels or products to invest in

  • Oracle Production & Distribution Planning
    • Can help reduce Inventory levels while improving customer service at the same time
    • Can reduce Supply Chain Planning cycle time to improve the responsiveness of supply chain
    • Optimize the day to day flow of goods from procurement, through manufacturing to distribution with real time visibility and event management
    • Help produce plans that respect constraints optimized around key cost drivers while ensuring that plans remain synchronized and acted amongst all locations within the supply chain network

  • Oracle Production Scheduling
    • Enables sequence orders to the best use production resources
    • Helps to know when  to offload production to the alternate resources
    • Minimize the effect of unplanned  production and down time
    • Evaluate the impact of supply shortage on fill rates
    • Supports revenue growth using existing production assets and maximize customer service

  • Oracle Order Promising
    • Improve Customer service through more accurate order date commitments to the customers
    • Determine feasible delivery dates
    • Enables to make more accurate and profitable delivery commitments based on Available-to-Promise (ATP), Capable-to-Promise (CTP) and Profitable-to-Promise (PTP) capabilities

  • Oracle Inventory Optimization
    • To balance out customer service levels, budgets and inventory cost
    • To plan for realistic inventory hold in terms of location and time line
    • To account for Supply Chain variability when determining time phased safety stocks
    • Optimize  inventory investment decisions by considering the demand, supply, constraints and variability
    • Achieve higher level of customer service at significantly lower cost by applying inventory postponement recommendations, while simultaneously weighing the impacts on revenue, budgets, inventory policies and sourcing

  • Oracle Supply Chain Business Modeler
    • Out-of-the-box solution that answers the challenges posed by integrating planning solutions that have heterogeneous data structures
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