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Oracle Demantra Oracle’s Demantra applications for demand management, sales and operations planning, and trade promotion management are functionally rich, demand-driven solutions that embody best-practice business processes out of the box.

Oracle’s Demantra Solutions let you sell, plan for and proactively respond to the demand by sharing a one-number plan that aligns your organization across departments and users.

Oracle Demantra Deduction & Settlement Management closes the loop of the Trade Promotion Management process by tracking and resolving deductions and other settlement methods common in the consumer goods industry.

Oracle Demantra offers a unique VMI solution that provides a comprehensive picture of demand, looking at the many causal factors that can impact a smooth supply chain operation.

Being able to sense changing market demand enables users to very quickly respond to those signals. Demantra enables you to detect those changes from  a variety of sources including POS, including POS data , customer collaboration, Distribution Centre information, Marketing and shipment and order history. The more detailed information that is available and the closer to the point of consumption allow company to sense the changes faster and more accurately thus leading to better decisions.

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