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With the world becoming fiercely competitive, the traditional costs saving measures are no more adequate and it is
important to study and review strategic and operational areas of Supply Chain and Logistics.

SYSTEMIC provides Business Consulting services and recommendations which cover the following areas:

  • Supply Chain Strategy
  • Sourcing and Procurement strategy
  • Manufacturing and Fulfilment strategy
  • Lean initiatives
  • Warehouse Layout and Space Management Strategy
  • Strategy for retention of Human Resources
  • Strategy for Performance Measurement and Rewards
Analysis & Measurement
  • Quality of Operations
    • Measurement of quality of Customer Service
    • Measurement of quality of Inventory Management
    • Pareto Analysis
    • Inventory Performance Matrix
    • Measurement of efficacy of Cycle Count process
    • Control of inventory damages and pilferages
    • Qualitative measure for efficiency management
    • Planning for productivity improvement
    • Measurement of throughput time for multiple processes
    • Measurement and tracking of service performance
    • Measurement of quality of House Keeping
    • Determination of matrix to control service failures
    • Recommendations for Information Technology products
    • Recommendation for Automated Data Collection Technologies (ADC) including Bar Code, Voice, RF terminals
    • Advice on documentation procedures and development of training materials

  • Infrastructure and Asset Performance
    • Determination of space utilization matrix
    • Product storage simulation for optimum space utilization
    • Product flow analysis
    • Determination of methodology and resources for multiple operations
    • Determination of loading characteristics
    • Assessment of infrastructure flexibility
    • Assessment of existing connectivity quality
    • Establishment of communication process & quality
    • Establishment of norms for equipment utilization and maintenance

  • Financials
    • Evaluation of contract and service management process
    • Recommendations for SLA measurement process
    • Standardization of account profitability management process
    • Evaluation of procurement process management
    • Identification of strategic & operational audit process
    • Measurement of cost of goods at rest and In motion
    • Evaluation of unit storage cost

  • Benchmarking
    • Identification of Best Practices in multiple areas
    • Assessment of current processes
    • Planning and Migration to Best Practices
    • Identification of critical success factors
    • Identification of areas which do not meet standards
    • Adaption of score card approach

  • Human Resource Management
    • Pareto Analysis
    • Measurement of People productivity
    • Measurement of effectiveness
    • Safety standard measurements
    • Standardization of rules of performance
    • Evaluation of skill level and training needs
    • Recommendations for reward and corrections process
    • Standardization of interview and hiring process(Pre-interview, Screening, Interview, Evaluation, Post Interview and Exit

  • Grading of Services
    • Grading of warehouses
    • Grading of transporters
    • Grading of people
    • Grading of shipping performance
    • Grading of suppliers

  • Planning
    • Supply Chain Planning
    • Supply Chain Network Designing
    • Asset Procurement Planning
    • Human Resource Planning
    • Supply Chain Modelling
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