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Most of the product lines have evolved over time and have expanded significantly due to changed functionalities as well as availability of wide choices in technology. Upgrading to higher version not only provides access to new functionalities; but also ensures that you are working on the latest technology platforms, have access to the best user experience possible and that you are fully supported on the release.

Creating an upgrade strategy that maximizes the Return on Investment (ROI) is a critical and complex task. The evaluation criteria and the upgrade strategy vary from customer to customer based on technology considerations as well as organization’s priority. Our upgrade methodology “SUREFIRE” addresses these considerations from every possible angle.

What does Upgrade Service offer?
  • The Functional and Technical Evaluation matrix
  • Applicability of  “Net Change” announced by software vendor in particular Business context
  • Value Proposition for Upgrade
  • Upgrade Execution and Assessment
What is involved in the Upgrade Process? Insight Into evaluating key criteria -
  • Application Functionality
  • Technology Considerations
  • Testing, Usability and Performance
  • Consulting and Education Services
  • Hardware and Infrastructure
  • Support Policies
  • Product Roadmap
  • Skill related Criteria
How to request for upgrade Services?

To know more contact us and we will be too happy to assist.
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