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Under the Value Management portfolio Systemic can provide following services

Solution Value Assessment

The objective of all businesses is the efficient movement of cash. A company may manufacture, distribute and create new products but its real business is the generation and re-investment of cash. Any solution which is considered by the business must cater to this fundamental need apart from the fitment to multiple areas of transactions. Systemic has battery of business process and solution experts who can potentially meet these needs and provide assessment of value which the solution is intended to bring.

Total Cost of Ownership Study (TCO)

Businesses must often make purchase decisions when a new technology or solution is considered by the business, it is important to look at every element of cost of owing such technology and solution and not just the purchase price.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is a calculation designed to help people to make more informed financial decisions. Rather than just looking at just purchase price of an object, TCO looks at the complete cost from purchase to implementation, through to disposal. It adds to the initial purchase price other cost expected to be incurred during the life of product such as service, repair/ maintenance, insurance and so on.

The additional costs that must be added to the initial purchase price to calculate TCO vary by industry therefore; you need high quality experts who understand the solution and the related cost which can impact the decision making.

Systemic provides this service supported with the domain and solution experts and analytical templates that capture every minute details for cost benefit analysis.

Return on Investment Study ( ROI)

Return on Investment (ROI) is the ratio of money gained or lost on investment with reference to amount invested. Businesses have to consider realised or unrealised gains or losses when such calculation is carried out in order to estimate the realistic ROI.

When businesses are considering multiple alternatives comparison of ROI plays a crucial role in decision making. Systemic provides this service to help businesses to consider all the realised or unrealised costs based on its industry and solution experience which radically helps decision making.

Earned Value Management

Earned Value Management is a methodology is used to communicate the real physical progress of the project taking into account the work complete, the time taken and the costs incurred to complete that work.

Earned Value helps evaluate and control project risk by measuring project progress in monetary terms.

Earned Value Management services offered by Systemic is based on a scientific approach which provides the following benefits:
  • A single management control system that integrates work, schedule and cost into work break down structure
  • Cumulative cost performance index which provides an early warning signal
  • Schedule performance index which measures project efficiency
  • The cost performance index which predicts the final cost of the project
  • “To–Complete” performance index provides insight into resource and cost mobilization for the remaining part of the project
Risk Measurement Services

A risk is a possible unplanned event. It can be positive or negative. Risk measurement is critical to any project undertaken by the organizations. This is due to the fact that, if risks are not addressed early on in the projects, they become sizeable issues later. It is important to develop mitigation strategies and contingency plans upfront in the project. It is cost effective to address the risks at the beginning of the project rather than addressing issues at the end of the project.

The success of the project greatly depends on the ability to predict a particular outcome and control the risk as much as possible and make them predictable as much as possible.

Systemic’s Risk Measurement service offers the process of identifying, analysing, quantifying risks and responding to them with risk strategy and then controlling them.

The resources that carry out such exercise must have a long domain experience and should possess extra ordinary imaginative power to capture known and unknown risks.

Solution Assurance Services

Dramatic changes in technology and ever changing needs continually impact projects. It is there for, essential that the quality of the project is progressively reviewed to ensure that the project delivery quality matches with envisaged business objectives on both functional and technological axis.

Solution Assurance Services is an exciting client service offered by Systemic. Solution assurance represents a new breakthrough in rapid deployment methodologies. It is a consultant led methodologies that employees a collection of workshops and labs to organize work, capture and resolve issues and quickly make an implementation decisions.

The service uses checklist as a part of evaluation process for the quality assurance plan. The objective of the evaluation is to determine whether solution complies with deliverables matrix and brings value to the organization.

This service enables organizations to combine proposed and existing investments to properly assess allocation of limited resources, time and budget. Bottom line is that it helps organizations to improve ROI and time-to-market delivery.

To know more contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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